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Various Artists- Sailors Of The Indian Ocean Mix [treetrunk114]

This is a 30-minute mix evoking an imaginary journey in the Indian Ocean, from East Africa across to India. Cultures from both sides of the Ocean are represented, as well as certain mythic elements. My goal was to explore creatively, rather than to render accurately. I hope no one finds anything to be silly or offensive, and that people enjoy the mix. There is a track listing in the Notes section.

Sailors Of The Indian Ocean Mix at

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Andrew Quitter and Digital Mass- Quitting The Masses [treetrunk113]

The anonymous musical collective Digital Mass cross geographic boundaries to collaborate with MidWestern sonic specialist Andrew Quitter. Expect drone and industrial techno sounds. A must hear!

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Tange- Eternal Dreaming [treetrunk112]

Experienced artist Tange has created 4 longform pieces of ambient/soundscape music, crafted by his own mysterious generative processes. Do have a listen– these tracks are full of interest and beauty. Treetrunk is also especially pleased to revisit the theme of generative music– the original focus of the label.

Eternal Dreaming at

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Various Artists- A Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix [treetrunk111]

This is a mix of dark ambient, drone and experimental tracks with the subject of the dying city. You know– urban decay– rusting girders, broken trains and cars, dripping pipes, and so forth. Various eligible and cc-licensed tracks were included in the mix, including excellent music by Fosel, C. Reider (with PBK), Adamned Age, Tribe Of Astronauts, Mystified, Mister Vapor and Digital Mass. Hi-fidelity mp3 and FLAC files are available, so plug in, tune out, and imagine the natural end of cities as we know them.

A Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix at

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