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Cousin Silas- Complex Silence 9 [treetrunk109]

There are such artists that quietly create and share their works and perhaps never really surface in the wild wild world of netlabel artists. And to a certain point Cousin Silas is one of the best kept secrets under the radar, born and raised in the Colne valley of West Yorkshire, UK. Today Cousin Silas presents his 14th solo album here on Treetrunk. Continuing in the fantastic series called Complex Silence, Phillip Wilkerson brings to light a marvellous group of artists that dwell on the complexities of silence. One thing you can be sure of; this nineth complexity is one to hold dear. For Cousin Silas certainly masters this beautiful tonal silence and brings a beautiful 10 track album to set your mind off, into …..”

Cousin Silas at

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Digital Mass- Constant 28 [treetrunk122]

The excellent anonymous collective of Norweigian droners have created a new “Constant” piece– the 28th one made. This version is deep and rumbling with bizarre harmonic washes.

Constant 28 at

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Rayspark Industries- Klonk Klang EP [treetrunk121]

Treetrunk found Rayspark Industries on Soundcloud. The label was very impressed with the clean, solid synth sounds, nice composition, and superior production of the pieces. Luckily, Rayspark Industries was interested in having us release some of his material. Treetrunk invites you to try out a thoroughly entertaining EP of electronic music.

Klonk Klang EP at

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Various Artists- A Land Of Broken Toys Mix [treetrunk120]

Holidays can be a time of great joy, but sometimes, let’s be honest, other feelings intrude. My friend the psychiatrist says he takes more calls during holiday times than any other time of the year– calls from sad, angry, desperate people. If the symbol of the winter holiday is a toy, perhaps for some it would be a broken toy. This mix uses glitch, circuit bent and other sounds to explore the darker sides of toys, and of the holidays themselves. Mixed by Mystified, here is a set from the Land of Broken Toys. Thanks to all participating artists!

A Land Of Broken Toys Mix at

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Ancient Astronauts- Word for the Day [treetrunk119]

A jam session from pre-internet days, ripped and re-mastered from tape by featured artist Gregory Wildes. Before Gaga, before Bieber, there were: Ancient Astronauts! We at Treetrunk hope you will enjoy their seminal musings as much as we have.

Word for the Day at

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Various Artists- The Foiled Again Remixes [treetrunk118]

In 2010, Mystified offered his album “Foiled Again” (Autumn Abbatoir, 2009) as a free download for those willing to remix the sounds. There was a healthy response, and some remixers were kind enough to share their results with Treetrunk Records. We thought it would be nice to offer the remixes as a free download– they are quite varied, and each one has great qualities.

Get the Remixes free: The Foiled Again Remixes at

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Johan Nederpel with Mystified– The Urbscape Videos [treetrunk117]

Throughout 2010 musican and video artist Johan Nederpel has been industriously creating excellent videos for each track from mystified’s netrelease “Urbscape” (Treetrunk Records, 2009). Treetrunk so enjoyed the videos that we wanted to include them as a suite, so you can watch them all together. Also with this release is a remastered track from the original netrelease, “Driving At Night”, in mp3 and flac formats.

The Urbscape Videos at

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Gas Tank Orchestra- Homeshed [treetrunk116]

“What first attracted me to the famous GTO was this notion of using metal objects for music. I was (and am) an industrial music fan, so I picked up some recordings for a listen. Rather than music that was simply bombastic, as was often the flavor of industrial at the time, I heard a music that used parts of cars to create something deeper and more soulful– this was industrial on the brink of jazz, or jazz on the brink of industrial– a music that spoke to my heart and mind and that I think is truly inspired.”– Thomas Park, 2011

This release contains previously unreleased material from legendary DIY band founded in early 1990’s in New Orleans using gas tanks picked off the street as instruments.

Homestead at

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Mystified- A Pale But Lasting Hope Preview Package [treetrunk115]

Enjoy an audio and video preview, for free, from Mystified’s forthcoming album, “A Pale But Lasting Hope”, mastered by ambient guru Robert Rich.

A Pale But Lasting Hope Preview Package at

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