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Fosel- The Left Hand Of Darkness [treetrunk 126]

Fosel, aka sound designer Kurt Nimmo, returns to Treetrunk with a new album of microsounds and meandering dark ambient textures. Listen here: The Left Hand Of Darkness at

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Mister Vapor- Complex Silence 10 [treetrunk 124]

“Using excerpts from all 9 previous CS releases, Mister Vapor has created the first Complex Silence Megamix.”– Phillip Wilkerson, 2010. Visit the release here: Complex Silence 10 at

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Melophobia- Anasa, Idor [treetrunk 125]

“Melophobia is our inside sound… melophobic voices from the earth, including streets and noise! ‘anasa, idor’ stands for breath and water. . .” Listen and download here:

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Digital Mass- Onboard The Nowhere Train [treetrunk 123]

The amazing British ambient collective Digital Mass were pleased to discover Shane Morris’ netrelease, “Train To Knowhere”. The Mass were so impressed with the work of Mr. Morris that they decided to use their cc rights and remix the title track. Here, shipped to Treetrunk from Europe, are the results.

Listen at

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