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Mystified- Secret Tapes Remastered [treetrunk 130]

In 2010, Mystified released a popular netrelease through Bump Foot called, “Secret Tapes”. The release was comprised of droney techno pieces built around snippets of Lyndon Johnson speaking. Johnson’s voice was recorded to secret tapes during his Presidency and later extracted. “Secret Tapes” was an exploration of the mystery and intrigue surrounding the American Presidency, and it interested thousands of listeners.

In early 2011, Thomas of Mystified revisited the song projects for “Secret Tapes” and remastered them from the ground up using 24-bit audio. The mp3s on this remastered release were rendered from 24-bit wav files, and the FLAC files are directly encrypted from them. Thomas hopes you enjoy the greatly improved sound quality!

Listen or download at

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