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Jurko Haltuu- Escaping The Dark [treetrunk 135]

This is Jurko Haltuu’s second appearance on Treetrunk Records. In this one, he offers 2 excellent Dark Ambient and Drone tracks. In the artist’s own words, “The title says it all”.

Escaping The Dark at

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Mysterybear- Complex Silence 12 [treetrunk 133]

The Complex Silence series is indeed fortunate to once again host a release by Dave Seidel, aka mysterybear. What’s in store for us with this fresh release are two tracks of Dave’s signature drones, utterly beautiful in their mathematical perfection and grandeur.

Now available in FLAC.

Complex Silence 12 at

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EugeneKha- Echoes Of A Far Melody [treetrunk 134]

Treetrunk Records welcomes musician EugeneKha to the netlabel with a nice selection of synthesized space music. This music is a soundtrack to an audio-visual performance called “Echoes”, from 2010.

Echoes Of A Far Melody at Archive,org

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Mystified- Adventures Of Plunderman Remastered [treetrunk 131]

In 2010 Mystified released the hit E.P., “Adventures Of Plunderman”, both on his own Bandcamp page and on Webbed Hand Records. Hailed as a “plunderphonic wonder”, “Adventures Of Plunderman” combined retro vinyl samples with state-of-the art electronic sounds and mixing.

Now, in February of 2011, you can hear the entire E.P. once again from a new standpoint– ultra-high-fidelity. The FLAC files in this release are cut from 24-bit WAV files straight from the studio, and the mp3s are rendered from these WAV files, as well.

Enjoy the improved sound quality!

Plunderman Remastered at

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Mister Vapor’s “Warped Essence” Now In 24-bit

Mister Vapor, formerly known for foggy minimal drones, has taken a foray into experimental sound collages. Shifting drones are accompanied by dubby basslines, fragmented sonics and bizarre audible mishaps.

If listening to this E.P. makes your reality seem to shift, don’t worry– it’s just the music!

Note: As of January 30, 2011, this release has been remastered from the ground up using 24-bit audio. FLAC and mp3 files are derived from the studio’s 24-bit WAV files. Enjoy!

Warped Essence at

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