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Fosel- The Jade Furnace Remixes [treetrunk 142]

Some time back Thomas of Treetrunk asked artist Fosel if he would be willing to tackle Jade Furnace 2. Jade Furnace 2 was a release on Treetrunk by K.M. Krebs, that was also an open invitation for remixing. People were invited to listen to the pieces forwards, backwards, on shuffle, or to use them as components in their own remixes. It was this approach that Thomas urged Fosel to take.

And how pleasing are the results! Fosel takes the molten material from Jade Furnace 2 and transmogrifies it into his own style, with sounds covering the spectrum of pitch and texture, and intriguing snippets of melody interspersed.

Thomas of Treetrunk definitely loves what Fosel has done here– why not take the journey yourself?

The Jade Furnace Remixes at

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Don Campau and Pharmakustic- Complex Silence 13 [treetrunk 138]

The Complex Silence Series is honored to re-release the Don Campau and Pharmakustik collaboration called Spinal Fusion as Complex Silence 13.

Presented here are two 15-minute aural adventures, created by mail collaboration between Campau and Fricke. Drones, tea kettle, inside piano, Moog, and other odd sounds take you on an aural adventure.

Complex Silence 13 at

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Kirill Platonkin- Distant Observer [treetrunk 141]

This is a nice space ambient/drone release by artist Kirill Platonkin. Kirill Platonkin comes from the far East of Russia. Where he lives, ambient music is not as popular, but as is obvious from the music, he both understands and appreciates it himself. We at Treetrunk really enjoy Kirill Platonkin’s e.p., and we hope you will, as well.

Distant Observer at

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Sohnn- Organs Of The Earth [treetrunk 140]

“‘Organs of The Earth’ is inspired by an imagined world of abstract plant-like forms emphasizing a deep fascination of its aesthetics and significance to human beings. The album can be viewed as an extended representation of the feeling of being consumed by an intelligent natural force.”- Sohnn, 2011

Organs Of The Earth at

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Anton Mobin and Planetaldol- “Not Secure Space” [treetrunk 137]

In this intriguing soundscape, artists Anton Mobin and Planetaldol collaborate, combining field recordings with other musical sounds. Recommended!

Not Secure Space at

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Ruul- Gaengs [treetrunk 139]

This album was inspired by the music of Pandit Pran Nath and like-minded beautiful souls. Recorded 03.2011.

Gaengs at

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Consistency Nature- Erosion Without Friction [treetrunk 136]

“We are a lapse of lucidity in the omnipresent constancy of the universe. As we observe infinitely finite & yet impossibly large space, we commit ourselves to the overall futile endeavor of continuing this lucidity for as long as possible. Life wishes only to sustain itself. In introverting this knowingness, in meditating on the patterns and stimuli that occurs within the broken imaginations of this self-aware state of substance, we may help ease the indefinite stemming of nature’s angry and lethargic tide for ourselves. Our feet may be lifted and the friction of erosion may be weakened.”– Dishdawash

Erosion Without Friction at

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