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Fosel- The Jade Furnace Remixes [treetrunk 142]

Some time back Thomas of Treetrunk asked artist Fosel if he would be willing to tackle Jade Furnace 2. Jade Furnace 2 was a release on Treetrunk by K.M. Krebs, that was also an open invitation for remixing. People were invited to listen to the pieces forwards, backwards, on shuffle, or to use them as components in their own remixes. It was this approach that Thomas urged Fosel to take.

And how pleasing are the results! Fosel takes the molten material from Jade Furnace 2 and transmogrifies it into his own style, with sounds covering the spectrum of pitch and texture, and intriguing snippets of melody interspersed.

Thomas of Treetrunk definitely loves what Fosel has done here– why not take the journey yourself?

The Jade Furnace Remixes at

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