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Shane Morris- Etched To Fade [treetrunk 149]

Originally inspired by a dream, Etched to Fade was composed, performed, and recorded by Shane Morris on April 8, 2011 and streamed live on the internet at Just a few days before this performance, Shane’s friend, Douglas JP Lee, aka Lily Pond Orchestra, unexpectedly passed away. These three pieces are dedicated in memoriam to the spirit and music of Douglas JP Lee.

Etched To Fade at

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Mystified- Complex Silence 14 [treetrunk 147]

“Now comes a Complex Silence release that been long awaited.

One of ambient music’s and netlabelism’s most celebrated artists, Mystified, has graced the Complex Silence Series with a long-form drone.

There’s no point attempting to describe this music or do it justice in words.

The artist’s name alone tells you that your ears will be delighted.

Simply put your finger on the download button, then sit back and let yourself be immersed in a world of sound as rich and yes, as complex and abstract, as you’ve come to expect from the inimitable Mystified.”- P. Wilkerson, 2011

Complex Silence 14 at

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Krohmyst- Sequenced Jams [treetrunk 148]

When half of Kr-Ohm visited Mystified headquarters, he brought tons of recordings of old jams between himself and the rest of Kr-Ohm. Mystified gathered sounds from these jams and other incidental sounds from the weekend visit and concocted five entertaining electronica tracks. Enjoy!

Sequenced Jams at

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Priori- Onustra [treetrunk 146]

Priori creates an EP of noisy soundscapes, field recordings, and warped drone textures for Treetrunk Records. Prepared from January-April of this year, it possesses a feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and distress, using statics and barely-there effects to explore the darker side of the mind.

Visit Onustra at

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Ploof- Our World [treetrunk 144]

Ploof appears for the first time on Treetrunk Records with an interesting set of experimental pieces– soundscapes of treated sounds with drone elements. Cool stuff!

Our World at

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Tange- Generative Themes [treetrunk 143]

Accomplished artist Tange traces the course of the development of his generative composing processes through these 10 pieces. And don’t miss the accompanying mixdown of all 10 themes, as mixed by Tange.

Generative Themes at

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