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Digital Mass with Phillip Wilkerson– The Cusp Of Change [treetrunk 153]

The mysterious Cuban musical collective Digital Mass, very impressed with Phillip Wilkerson’s “Complex Silence 15”, decided to exercise their cc-rights and remix the piece. Nearly all of the sounds in the remix are derived from the original. Special thanks to Phillip for his excellent composition.

The Cusp Of Change at

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Phillip Wilkerson- Complex Silence 15 [treetrunk 150]

Somewhere toward the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one I found the strength to return to music and focus on creating a longform ambient piece that would reflect the sense of calm I had regained following a major crisis in my life. I came across a message posted on a blog (of all places) that seemed to speak directly to me and Complex Silence 15 was created while this thought was drifting through my head:

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” (Author Unknown)

Complex Silence 15 is about calm in the midst of the thousand and one things and finding stillness, tranquility, peace, and a reason to hope. May this music help you to find a similar space and an internal silence that reflects a deeper, more profound peace in your own life.

–Phillip Wilkerson, 2011

Complex Silence 15 at

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ps- Never Step On Moss Again [treetrunk 152]

Ominous glitch drone ambient sounds from the microscopic waterworld. Recorded live at the last day of a 4 day workshop on DIY microscopy where we hacked some cheap webcams into microscopes to observe microbiology life and reuse it for different art projects. Puredata image analysis was used to throw midi control values to revisited sound setups built with Jeskola Buzz. Field recordings from the lab work itself was used live and manipulated realtime. Treetrunk welcomes this innovative combination of phonography and experimentation.

Never Step On Moss Again at

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900piesek- Raw Ontology [Treetrunk 151]

All sounds were recorded by 900piesek and they are used in the raw form as they were captured. All the tracks are made from concrete and field recordings from Slovakian cities Bratislava and Lucenec. With this release, Treetrunk welcomes 900piesek, and thanks them for returning the label to one of its original missions– to collect phonographic recordings.

Raw Ontology at

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