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Tribe Of Astronauts– Complex Silence 16 [treetrunk 156]

For Complex Silence 16, Tribe of Astronauts provides a signature longform aural journey into the realms of the deepest and most ancient spaces, where silence not only reigns, it roars. Here is a piece you can replay and discover endlessly, whether played at a barely audible level or at room volume or within the private confines of your headphones. Something soothing and comforting emanates from the droning energy that Tribe of Astronauts has tapped into and released here–a music machine, droning and humming and generating and whirring endlessly, but never without purpose or direction.

Complex Silence 16 at

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Thomas Park- Stellar Fugue [treetrunk 155]

Interesting, chilled rhythm structures laid over dronescapes, often created using brass instruments. Crossing genres leads to a new level of coolness. For fans of ambient, techno, and hip hop alike.

Stellar Fugue at

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Various Artists- Live Mechanics [treetrunk 154]

These are short recordings extracted from a live musical festival held annually or biannually in Chicago Illinois. Some familiar groups were represented, as well as the new group, Droids, making their debut at the festival. Enjoy the live chaos!

Live Mechanics at

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