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Ars Sonor with Mystified- Black Box [treetrunk 162]

Ars Sonor asked Mystified if they could do a split e.p. where they mixed each other’s tracks in experimental fashion. Mystified agreed, and here is the result– deep, dark and atmospheric.

Black Box at

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Ars Sonor- “En resa till Botkyrka” [treetrunk 161]

“Botkyrka is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden, not far from the capital Stockholm. The municipality is named after Saint Botvid, a Christian missionary during the 12th century. This EP is an ambient journey to Botkyrka kommun.”– Ars Sonor

En resa till Botkyrka at

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Tange- Complex Silence 17 [treetrunk 160]

The Complex Silence series welcomes once more the talented ambient artist Tange with a dual-track release. Track one focuses on the mysterious spaciousness of Tibetan bowls and track two is a signature Tange ambient musical journey. Both tracks are generously long-form, with enough time to evolve and let you truly soak in the richness and depth of the aural atmospheres Tange creates. Complex Silence is indeed privileged to release this beautiful ambient work by an artist who continues to grow and expand and delight and push the borders of ambient music into new directions.

Complex Silence 17 at

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Ayato Versus Ghosts- Stillborn Dub [treetrunk 158]

When Ayato first listened to Stillborn Ghosts’ double album “over & out” (released in 2009 by Svartgalgh) he immediately detected a dark dub potential in this weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial. So he asked a member of the band – his friend & collaborator The Ghost Between The Strings – for a copy of the original tracks of the album in order to do some remixes. In addition to 4 remixes, he composed new tracks using raw guitar recordings by the 2 members of the band (TGBTS & Stillborn Blues). The result can be considered as a completely new album : “Stillborn Dub” (and maybe even a new band, since the collaboration is going on…) The album is also available on cd-r from Eg0cide Productions.

Stillborn Dub at

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Seetyca with Mystified- Thrones [treetrunk 157]

Mystified asked longtime collaborator Seetyca if he would be willing to apply his dark ambient mastery to some trombone sounds. Seetyca rose to the challenge in a very unique way– he processed mystified’s trombone in such a manner that his finished tracks made an exact match with his classic style. All sounds, even the “piano” in “trona picta”, are actually derived from the trombone. Mystified was immediately impressed and moved when Seetyca sent him these pieces. He hopes you will enjoy them, as well.

Thrones at

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