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Bing Satellites– Complex Silence 18 [treetrunk 166]

Amazingly, with each release, the Complex Silence Series keeps evolving. The next step in the evolution is upon you now–a beautiful ambient rendition from one of the genre’s newest Masters, Brin Coleman, who records as Bing Satellites.

Complex Silence 18 at

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Subterrestrial– The Old Water Tank [treetrunk 165]

“‘The Old Water Tank’ is Subterrestrial’s latest installment in an ongoing series of isolationist ambient works focusing on nature and it’s interaction with civilization. Subterrestrial presents four tracks composed of field recordings (both processed and unprocessed) and minimal synth. Water erodes stone and structure alike and nature reclaims it’s providence.”– Subterrestrial, 2011

The Old Water Tank at

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Second Thought- Leaf Pass [treetrunk 164]

“Leaf Pass is the fifth and final Second Thought album. The record acts as a prequel to the debut (2004’s Purlieu), exploring a countryside setting in a mellow, sunny style, but slowly becoming darker and more sinister as it progresses. Samples, percussion and occasional synths combine with acoustic instrumentation and field recordings to provide an electro-acoustic listening experience. The prequel concept brings the series of albums full circle and wraps up the Second Thought project perfectly. An accompanying story to the album can be read at Second Thought’s official website.”–2011, Ross Baker

Leaf Pass at

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Jeff Sampson- Requiem In Shallows [treetrunk 163]

“History is littered with examples of great civilizations, cultures, and economic empires that reached a point where they could no longer sustain themselves. Complacence washed over the great majority. Where once there had been forward-thinking, it had receded to a dark shallowness sucking the light, and life, from any who raised a warning cry. Apathy set in. The foundations and structures the greatness had been built on were ignored, forgotten, and eroded. This music is in recognition of those great entities that once were.”– Jeff Sampson, 2011

Requiem In Shallows at

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