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WZRDS- 1 [Treetrunk 172]

Here is “1”, the debut release of the WZRDS. Expect sublime music– thick, rich soundscapes and pulsing electronica. American music with a European flair.

Listen to “1” at

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Alister Flint– Experimentalist [treetrunk 171]

“Experimentalist is a composite of a few tracks, extracted from various albums. They are not really linked together by a common theme or concept. Except the attempt to put in sounds some random visions at what’s surrounding us”– Alister Flint, 2011

Experimentalist at

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Crystal Dreams- Complex Silence 19 [treetrunk 170]

One of the exciting aspects of curating a netlabel series is watching new artists emerge into the small, but talent-rich world of ambient music. Joel Sutton, to my knowledge, has not been releasing ambient music for long. Yet, the ambient world has embraced his work and warmly welcomed him. It was just mid-2010 when I first started noticing his podcasts, followed on by his debut release, Iceberg and then in 2011, Flood.

I was therefore quite excited when Joel answered my call for submissions, and even more excited when I heard his submitted tracks. Joel has graced the Complex Silence Series with two mesmerizing ambient longform tracks, light and dark. They fit perfectly into the schema of the Series, yet each track is a beautiful sonic landscape painted in a unique and minimal way and perhaps even more importantly, in a spontaneous way.

Complex Silence 19 at

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Fabio Keiner– Satyr [treetrunk 169]

“. . .created with the use of ‘mystified’s’ panflute drone ‘satyr’… remixed and reworked! Best regards and many thanks to ‘mystified’ for providing the samples here”. . . Fabio Keiner, 2011

“An excellent use of my pan pipes samples. Please enjoy, and many regards to Mr. Keiner”.–Thomas Park, 2011

Satyr at

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Martin Del Litto- Life Set [Treetrunk 168]

“This is a solo improvised session by Martin Del Litto, recorded at Pou de la Figuera (Barcelona) on July 2011. The idea was to emulate organic ambients generated with electronic resource. Basically, I used a synthesizer and some amplified objects…. I tried to make a kind of trip through different landscapes and emotions….”– Martin Del Litto, 2011

Life Set at

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Jeff Sampson with Mystified- Corpse Raiser [treetrunk 167]

Voices from the primal ether emerge, and dead flesh comes living. This piece by Jeff Sampson, using trombone sounds by Mystified, is a precursor to a longer, more involved collaboration due out later in 2011. For now, please enjoy this piece, with all the power and potential it holds.

Corpse Raiser at

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