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barrydillon– That Which Can Not Be Cured Must Be Endured [treetrunk 184]

“. . .The piece is a 1 hour, 1 minute and 34 second piece of Droan Music, which slowly meanders and evolves it’s way, from beginning to end. It is much like life, the nomatter how much ‘Care and planning we put in the something’ it’s out come my not be what we plan for, hope for, expect, ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men’. The music is a piece of ‘Computer Generated Music’, composed on a PC.”– barrydillon, 2011

That Which Can Not Be Cured Must Be Endured at

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Shane Morris– Complex Silence 20 [treetrunk 183]

The Complex Silence Series is proud to welcome and share a contribution by Shane Morris to mark the twentieth release of the Series. Shane is well-known in the ambient universe for sharing his magnificent sound worlds freely as Creative Commons releases and through live concerts. Here, Shane presents four minimal pieces that can only be described as lush and gorgeous. Bell-like sounds and electric piano predominate, but to say that is at once a contradiction. Listen deeply and then listen even more deeply. You’ll hear reversed drones, floating tones, washes of faraway sounds, hints of melodies, echoes and reverbs adding space and immensity to an overall ambience and drifting quality, yet each track is intense and focused. Four tracks of pure, ambient complexity. An October treat for your ears and for your mind.

Complex Silence 20 at

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Tribe Of Astronauts– Reflections In Silver [treetrunk 182]

The Tribe Of Astronauts, a sublime anonymous musical collective, here hosted by Thomas of mystified, have for some time had their attentions focused on musician Fosel, especially admiring his dark ambient soundscapes. The Tribe decided to undertake a remix of Fosel’s classic “Gold Apples Of Cronus” release, available at Bandcamp: . The two pieces have been combined into one metallic drone essay, about 20 minutes long. No sounds were used other than sounds extracted from Fosel’s original release. Enjoy!

Reflections In Silver at

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Tribe Of Astronauts– The Journey Of Ra [treetrunk 181]

According to Ancient Egyptian myth, every night the God Ra journeys through the underworld, where he fights an important battle. He must win this battle and complete his journey for the sun to rise the next morning in Egypt. The anonymous collective The Tribe Of Astronauts, long fascinated with Ancient Egypt, have assembled an EP-length ambient piece sonically exploring Ra’s journey. Now in 24-bit quality, available free at

The Journey Of Ra at

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Kid Feardive– Coalescent Behavior [treetrunk 180]

“These tracks came out of a months-long attempt to create something that I’ve been calling Speed Noise. Ideally, this would combine the anti-musical abstractness of Noise Music with the über-fervor of Speed/Death/Thrash Metal. It was probably for the best that the attempt failed. But once the smoke cleared and the broken pieces were swept up, these tracks remained; and although they weren’t what I thought I wanted, I liked them anyway. They’re kind of like musical whirligigs. They have lots of shiny moving parts, all twirling and revolving, and serving no other purpose than to amuse and distract. Special thanks to Jacinda Espinosa for the tango, Innabar for the aria, and Snowflake for the voice–all courtesy of CC Mixter.”– Kid Feardive, 2011

Coalescent Behavior at

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Mystified Classic Hit Remastered, Plus Video

Mystified’s netrelease “Nocturne” now has over 8000 downloads. As of October 2011, it has been remastered and is available in mp3 or 24-bit FLAC. A free music video is also available for download. See why so many people have enjoyed this release!

Nocturne (Remastered) at

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iaiko- a secret life [treetrunk 179]

“…this record is based on David Byrne and Brian Eno’s samples taken from a secret life track, that is free available on this website. (great idea by the way). I’ve try to make from this a quite other sound than original. Effect is a kind of experimental/ambient. . .”– iaiko, 2011

a secret life at

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Tuonela- Angels of chrome and light [treetrunk 178]

Tuonela is staying anonymous for the time being – he feels a bit daggy as a suburban grandfather and is looking for a new reality. He’s become addicted to drone. Again. In the 60s, as a kid, he used to play his 45s on 16, or backwards, or by hand using razor blades as stylii. He was the kid with his head on the piano, listening to the overtones die away, or pressing his ear to the hull of the ferry, enthralled by the sounds it created. He was the kid who formed wordless songs to accompany the sound of train wheels on a long journey, or hummed along with the fan on a hot day. These tracks represent the lighter side of his work, and his nature.

Angels of chrome and light at

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Drone Wallah- Swamp Magnetics [treetrunk 177]

Swamp Magnetics is the product of a single improvisation session on Electric Guitar with an EBow and some effects hardware. The resulting sound was further subjected to digital processing to make it sing, drone and rumble.

Swamp Magnetics at

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Mystified- From The Archives [treetrunk 176]

13 vintage mystified tracks, remastered from the ground up from 32-bit audio, then downsampled. Includes 2 tracks from Brian Eno and David Byrne’s “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts” remix project. Enjoy! Special thanks to Brian Eno, David Byrne, Cystem, Plexus Instruments and Cory Thrall for their cc-licensed samples.

From The Archives at

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