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Kid Feardive– Coalescent Behavior [treetrunk 180]

“These tracks came out of a months-long attempt to create something that I’ve been calling Speed Noise. Ideally, this would combine the anti-musical abstractness of Noise Music with the über-fervor of Speed/Death/Thrash Metal. It was probably for the best that the attempt failed. But once the smoke cleared and the broken pieces were swept up, these tracks remained; and although they weren’t what I thought I wanted, I liked them anyway. They’re kind of like musical whirligigs. They have lots of shiny moving parts, all twirling and revolving, and serving no other purpose than to amuse and distract. Special thanks to Jacinda Espinosa for the tango, Innabar for the aria, and Snowflake for the voice–all courtesy of CC Mixter.”– Kid Feardive, 2011

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