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Melophobia- nadir [treetrunk 175]

“. . .(these are) sounds recorded out in the Greek villages this past summer. (There are) 3 tracks that we have already re-produced and add(ed) more time on them…”– Melophobia, 2011. Here are 3 nice, atmospheric tracks created from field recordings. Please enjoy!

nadir at

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Fabio Keiner– Seagram Studies [treetrunk 174]

“. . .an attempt to make audible the paintings of Mark Rothko and a tribute to his work… best credits to ‘mystified’ (Thomas Park) for providing the excellent trombone samples I used for remixing and reworking these soundscapes.”– Fabio Keiner, 2011

Seagram Studies at

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Pavonine- Night Falls with Silver in its Mouth [treetrunk 173]

“‘Night Falls with Silver in its Mouth’ is an album that is based on the auditory environment of night where the general ambient sounds of busy days drop away to silence; when the minute becomes amplified, and, though the cause may be hidden in the dark, the fact that something is there cannot be denied.”–Pavonine, 2011

Night Falls with Silver in its Mouth at

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