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Diego Caicedo– Diego Caicedo [treetrunk 192]

Diego Caicedo presents part of his work for Electric Guitar, Prepared Electric Guitar, Cassette, Radio, Field Recordings and Objects. 4 pieces emerged form an improvised session in the recording studio, in LaKarraka-Barcelona, in April 2011. A journey through textures, drones, distortion, voices and object sounds.

Diego Caicedo at

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Gurdonark- Weights And Measures [treetrunk 191]

“Gurdonark’s short EP ‘Weights and Measures’ consists of five pieces. The songs are comprised of minimal, weirdbient electronica melodies created through sampling simple instruments such as an ocarina, a simple Costa Rican flute, and a plastic recorder in software synthesizers. The work invites the listener to compassionately measure inner space and to connect with the temporal multiplicity of warm memories. These are little soundtracks accompanying animated films playing during flights of imagination over fields of purple-blooming thistle.”– Gurdonark, 2011

Weights And Measures at

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Ayato With Mystified- Broadcast For The Sultan #1 [treetrunk 190]

Ayato had the idea for a collaboration. He assembled 5 tracks of Middle-Eastern styled music and sent the raw files to mystified. Mystified mixed the sounds, and added a few of his own. The result has a strong Muslimgauze flavor, with a little drone thrown in. Enjoy! Volume #2 to come soon.

Broadcast For The Sultan #1 at

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Digital Mass- Fictive Martyrdom [treetrunk 189]

The French drone monks of Digital Mass have composed a new soundtrack for their own meditation rituals. In addition to their custom secret sounds they have used sounds provided by Kecap Tuyul (an old tape of prepared guitar improvisations) and by Thanato Twist With Oleg’s Sound System (synths, effects, balalaika). You are welcome to test the effects of these soundscapes on your body, mind and soul…

Fictive Martyrdom at

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Mister Vapor and Various Artists– Complex Silence 21 [treetrunk 188]

The Complex Silence Series has evolved nicely into its second segment, with some darker and some lighter pieces gracing the collection. Drone is an influence in some pieces, with more traditional synth ambience holding sway in others. Some pieces are just– well– strange (but good). All, in fact, are good, at least, if not great. And now, Complex Silence 21 documents these 10 releases, in a single mix. Whether or not you have listened to Complex Silence 11-20, Complex Silence 21 is a must listen, as it combines pieces from each of these releases into a single mix that lasts less than an hour. Lossless files were used when possible in the mix, and great care was taken with transitions, to provide listeners with a consistent experience.

Complex Silence 21 at

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Mystified with Drone Wallah– ZZDronia [treetrunk 187]

Musician and multi-platform artist C.P. McDill asked Mystified to remix some acoustic drones from the Webbed Hand release, “Abecedronium” ( Abecedronium at ). Mystified de-constructed the acoustic drones, processed them heavily, and re-mixed them somewhat in the style of Zoviet France. Enjoy the controlled chaos!

ZZDronia at

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Shane Morris and [Q]– The Descent [treetrunk 186]

This is the first studio collaboration by US-based Shane Morris and UK-based [Q]. Music mostly created with Native Instruments Absynth and FM8. Charles Darwin’s “The Descent”, read by Mary Ballard-Johansson, is scattered throughout the track which defines the philosophical background of the nearly 30 minute long form piece.

The Descent at

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Morphine Bandit– Wave Motions EP [treetrunk 185]

This EP has been created with a special unique device which consists of a mix of electronic sounds manipulations and human gestures. The result is 4 drones with classical sweeping frequencies, endless reverberations and subtle elements in the background emitting extreme minimal pulsations.

Wave Motions EP at

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