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Ethnomite Pux- Zài Wo De Chuángshàng, Yuèliàng Shì Shanshuòzhe Yàoyan De De [treetrunk 195]

An improvisation with Chinese wind instrument húlúsi, featuring trombone sounds by Mystified. Title of this EP means “Before my bed, the moon is shining bright”, it’s an excerpt from “Night Thoughts,” a poem by Li Bai a.k.a. Li Po, Li T’ai Po – 701-762 C.E., Tang Dynasty. Additional processing and mixing by Laetitia Schteinberg (Ars Sonor).

Zai Wo De Chuangshang at

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Various Artists– Free Christmas 2011 Mix [treetrunk 194]

2011 would not be complete without an alternative Christmas mix from Treetrunk. So here, without further ado, is a half-an-hour of dark atmospherics and twisted toy-like dreams. Enjoy!

Free Christmas 2001 Mix on

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Mister Vapor- A Movement Of Air [treetrunk 193]

This Mister Vapor longform piece was composed mainly by using wind instruments like the flute and pan flute. Other sounds, such as a recording of thunder and reverberant metal noises, are included to heighten the impression of these wind sounds. The release is very much about a sense of place, maybe an imaginary one. Have a listen, and find out where it takes you.

A Movement Of Air at

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