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Kecap Tuyul- Syringlobulia [treetrunk 203]

This is a remix Kecap Tuyul made of “Satyr 1”, which in turn was a remix by Fabio Keiner of some Mystified pan flute sounds.

Syringlobulia at

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What Is Up With Treetrunk 200?

Attentive listeners may have noticed that Treetrunk’s catalog does not include a release for “Treetrunk 200”. That is not an error. We are holding that spot for a very special release expected early summer 2012, from an artist who is not new to our attention but who is new to Treetrunk. We are giving away no names, but he is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Robert Rich and specializes in melding traditional and algortihmic music. It will be a great release, indeed! So stay tuned.

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EugeneKha- Sperum [treetrunk 202]

A nice collection of drony spacemusic songs to enjoy.

Sperum at

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Ayato With Mystified- Broadcast For The Sultan #2 [treetrunk 197]

For this, the second chapter in the “Broadcast For The Sultan” series, Ayato presented mystified with world sound and rhythm tracks to embellish, mix and master. We hope you enjoy the result– we feel it is somewhat reminiscent of Muslimgauze.

Broadcast For The Sultan #2 at

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Red Alert– Code gleam gloom [treetrunk 198]

This was recorded live @ la ferme la/olivet France between 2009 & 2010.

Code gleam gloom at

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Thanato Twist with Oleg’s sound system– September 11 [treetrunk 196]

Experimental release concerning a day that is infamous in American history. This was recorded on 11/09/2011, which was part of the inspiration for the topic.

September 11 at

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Digital Mass- Drowning Mermaids [treetrunk 201]

The Slavic anonymous collective, “Digital Mass”, have created a long, droning masterpiece using acoustic brass, flute, and other assorted sounds. Enjoy!

Drowning Mermaids at

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Alister Flint- City Nights [treetrunk 199]

“‘City Nights’ is another composite of tracks all composed at night, while the city is sleeping. it’s an interesting feeling to be active and creative at this moment, while most people are in their bed, unaware of what’s going on around them.” — Alister Flint, 2012

City Nights at

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