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Gutterhulk- Great Stewardship [treetrunk 212]

“It’s a concept album/imaginary soundtrack that is a re-interpretation and re-telling of the story of a great game titled Heart of Darkness, plus StarCraft & Thief influences. The tracks tell a story (especially the ones from 2-7), but each of them should be good for stand-alone listening, too. “– Gutterhulk, 2012

Great Stewardship at

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Treetrunk 200– Update

Treetrunk Records now have the tracks, artwork and liner notes for release number 200, which is an ep by excellent artist Forrest Fang called “Seeds Of Memory”. Two pieces from the ep hearken back to the Gongland era, while 3 are newer, generative pieces. Treetrunk is listening to the tracks now, and they sound spectacular.

The ep won’t be released until June 19, so mark your calendars.

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Conure- Surrounded By Pages [treetrunk 211]

Conure is Mark Wilson. Track 1 was recorded live at {open}, Long Beach, CA on February 19, 2009. Track 2 was recorded live at LSG New Music Series at Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA on April 28, 2011. Track 3 was recorded live at Circuitry at the Ivy Room, Albany, CA on February 2, 2009.

Surrounded By Pages at

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Sigil Of Brass- 1 [treetrunk 210]

Andrew recorded three didigereedoo samples on a Tascam DR-02 over the weekend of 24-25 March 2012 and messed up the samples using Ardour on his battered old laptop. He hopes that you like the result.”– Andrew Backhouse, 2012

1 at

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David Nemeth- Home Drones [treetrunk 209]

“I was listening to Oriol Rosell’s Per Fly on Audiotalaia which I found to be very good minimalistic drone album. The first track of Per Fly reminded me of a bank of lights in my home which I don’t use due to their annoying emission of a faint high pitch tone. With this as a starting point, I began to think of what other drones were in my home soundscape; the sounds that are always there, but that I have conditioned myself to ignore. Home Drones is an experiment in listening to these sounds whether it be an overhead fan, an exhaust fan, the microwave, refrigerator, or a central heating unit. For a brief segment of Home Drones, I used contact mics to help pick up the sounds of stand-up lamp. The only processing was the use of pan and adjusting volume levels as needed. The sounds were recorded on Sony PCM-M10 and edited on Audacity.”– David Nemeth

Home Drones at

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Hertz and Honeycutt– Burn [treetrunk 208]

Burn is a long form drone collaboration between the artists Jack Hertz and Mike Honeycutt. This track was created for the Time Drone artists series that was originally broadcast on February 16, 2011 at .

Burn at

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Iaiko– Overtone [treetrunk 207]

Iaiko’s newest work, based on his impressions of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan 1 year ago.

Overtone at

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Droids– Logan Square Music Festival 2012 [treetrunk 206]

Here are some improvised jams by the up-and-coming improvisational group, “Droids”. They performed at a music festival in Logan Square, Chicago March 2012. Enjoy the results!

Logan Square Music Festival 2012 at

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