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David Nemeth- Home Drones [treetrunk 209]

“I was listening to Oriol Rosell’s Per Fly on Audiotalaia which I found to be very good minimalistic drone album. The first track of Per Fly reminded me of a bank of lights in my home which I don’t use due to their annoying emission of a faint high pitch tone. With this as a starting point, I began to think of what other drones were in my home soundscape; the sounds that are always there, but that I have conditioned myself to ignore. Home Drones is an experiment in listening to these sounds whether it be an overhead fan, an exhaust fan, the microwave, refrigerator, or a central heating unit. For a brief segment of Home Drones, I used contact mics to help pick up the sounds of stand-up lamp. The only processing was the use of pan and adjusting volume levels as needed. The sounds were recorded on Sony PCM-M10 and edited on Audacity.”– David Nemeth

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