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The Ambient Visitor- Complex Silence 24 [treetrunk 220]

“The music on this album started out as part of one long generative piece. Each note plays in its own repeating loop. Each loop is of a slightly different length, so the music never quite repeats itself (or at least, not for a very, very long time). I then slowed down the left channel of the stereo mix ever so slightly so that on the second track, ‘Interamnia’, the music starts of at the same point but slowly drifts apart. On the first track, ‘Ceres’, the music starts off drifted apart but meets in the very middle of the track, only to drift apart again by the same degree by the end of the track.”– The Ambient Visitor, 2012

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Christiane Offenbar and Fabio Keiner- Unsung Songs [treetrunk 218]

unsung songs is the product of a casual collaboration between german jazz-singer christiane offenbar and austrian sound sound mangler fabio keiner. spontaneous vocal improvisations, chanting and whispers, sung directly by christiane into the recording device of her pc; reworking, stretching and remixing of this rather raw and direct material by fabio. the finished compilation of tracks surprised even the creator duo with its abstract mystic quality… invoking fictional sceneries of a slow butoh dance ritual (unsung song 1-3) or the deep orgastic moaning/screaming/whispering of surabaya (inspiration derived from a famous song/poem by bert brecht).

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