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Melophobia- B-612 [treetrunk 232]

“Recorded/produced/manipulated by melophobia, Greece July 2012. Original found sounds (track 03) recorded at the edge of town a hot day late July. Produced and manipulated (tracks 01 & 02) at the end of a room, in a broken machine later the same day. Asteroid B-612 never reached our place, yet…”–Melophobia, 2012

B-612 at

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Various Artists– Complex Silence 26 [treetrunk 231]

Complex Silence 26 takes the form of a compilation in order to present musical discoveries found at the Free Floating Music netlabel. The selected artists and tracks reflect the Complex Silence ambient music philosophies of mystery, beauty, abstraction, and atmosphere. Rather than re-releasing these tracks, we simply float them past you and encourage you to visit the Free Floating Music homepage to download them in the format of your choice.

Complex Silence 26 at

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Another Neglected Hobby- Elements Two: Feathers And Pollen [treetrunk 230]

Another Neglected Hobby is an electronic music project of Mark Cotton. This release, like its predecessor Elements One: Beeswax and Rust, was inspired by revisiting a series of paintings Mark created using beeswax and rust on canvas instead of traditional paints. The sound is a mixture of drone and rhythmic elements, layered patterns and filtered recordings, shifting from simple, repetitive note patterns to tribal drums and pulsing syncopation.

Feathers And Pollen at

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John Tocher- After Dusk [treetrunk 229]

Performed on June 24, 2012. This is the extended and revised version of a performance for the Summer Solstice 2012 streaming online concert at, which happened the previous day, Saturday June 23, 2012.

After Dusk at

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Mystified- Yodel Drones [treetrunk 228]

These special drones were created using only a public domain recording of Frank Marvin singing a song called “Blue Yodel”. Thanks to John Tocher and C.P. McDill for the challenge, and no mountain goats were harmed in the creation of these pieces.

Yodel Drones at

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Mister Vapor- Distant Star Outtakes [treetrunk 227]

This release consists of an extremely long (over 2 hour) piece, created using the Mister Vapor track “Harmonic Field”, from the Webbed Hand Records release “Songs From A Distant Star”. Lots of processing was added, but no additional sounds were. Treetrunk recommends this piece for long sessions at the laptop, or to load into your portable player for longform playing.

Distant Star Outtakes at

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Digital Mass with C. Reider- Prolongued Buddhic Reduction [treetrunk 226]

The anonymous collective from Antarctica, Digital Mass, were very impressed with C. Reider’s creation, “Buddha Reduction”. The collective wanted to create a remix of Reider’s work, and this is the track they concocted. All sounds come from Reider’s original (and excellent) pieces.

Prolongued Buddhic Reduction at

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900 Piesek and Dren- Cups And Pentacles [treetrunk 225]

“. . .live accoustic improvisation from abandoned waterhouse in Lamac/Bratislava”– 900 Piesek, 2012

Cups And Pentacles at

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