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Mister Vapor- Complex Silence 27 [treetrunk 236]

The best word to describe Complex Silence 27 is meditative and Mister Vapor takes us on a slowly undulating and watery trip through primeval currents, reefs, and tides. It evokes a sense of time, warping backward to me. But whether or not this is a trip backward or forward through oceans of time, the musical journey is more important than the destination.

Complex Silence 27 at

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Peter DiPhillips and Jack Hertz- 3 a.m. – Times Square [treetrunk 235]

“This music is a result of a collaboration project using Jack Hertz’ live recording, of 4 FM8 synthesizers as a starting point. The concept was to use his music as a sample source to compose a piece of my music by adding to and manipulating his samples. The primary elements I used were field recordings of water streams, rain, and toilets flushing along with my own synthesizer music/sound motifs. I combined, processed and mixed theses elements in various ways , in order to arrive at the composition presented here. Jack was pleased with the results , as was I, and he commented to me ‘Really enjoyed what you did. I wasn’t expecting anyone to use the track wholesale. Excellent work. I hope you’ll release it for others to hear’. Thanks to Thomas, it is being released and I hope others will enjoy it also.”– Peter DiPhillips, 2012

Times Square – 3 a.m. at

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Svarte Fjell- Taakeheiman [treetrunk 234]

These nice ambient tracks were recorded in 2008 by artist Svarte Fjell.

Taakeheimen at

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John Tocher- Before Dawn [treetrunk 233]

May 11, 2012 –I had been up all night listening to and working on music. Just before dawn a big storm was raging. Some storms have a way of energizing me rather than lulling. As you will hear, I left my H2 Zoom recorder running, jumped off the porch and drove off into the rain. The voices heard throughout are processed and derived from a field recording of an annoying conversation. Repeated over and over was the phrase: “you know what question I hate?” I’ll let you guess what question that was. Done using AudioMulch, midi controller, hackintosh, personal field recordings. Drones fashioned from incidental overheard conversation. This is a companion piece to After Dusk. Which was also fashioned from field recordings made just in front of my home.

Before Dawn at

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