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Phillip Wilkerson– Complex Silence 29 [treetrunk 244]

“In honor of parallel musical paths, I’ve contributed a new long form piece to the Constant Series. The result is Constant 29 coupled with the release of another new longform track, Complex Silence 29. Thus, the two Series meet. Or perhaps better stated, they close a loop and form a musical continuum. Both of these new pieces are soft, floating, and laden with harmonics and overtones. My suggestion is that you listen to them at low volume. Loop them. Let them play on the fringe of your hearing and create a warm cocoon of sound for you. Submerse yourself in the constancy and the complexity mingled with the silence.” –pcw

Complex Silence 29 at

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Improvisation and Indeterminacy– Miquel Parera Jaques [treetrunk 245]

Improvisation and indeterminacy are two aesthetic positions and, while, philosophical. Together they provide action to thought. Without know what will happen and responding to events without prejudices, consciousness tune with the present and the mindfulness.

Improvisation and Indeterminacy at

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Fabio Keiner- Jisei [treetrunk 243]

‘JISEI (jisei no ku) means ‘death poem’ in traditonal Japanese culture. before dying a cultivated person used to write a short poem (often a haiku) revealing the most intimate feelings and thoughts at the moment. I tried to interprete some classical Japanese death poems. . .’– Fabio Keiner, 2012

Jisei at

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JHACK- Darker Days [treetrunk 242]

JHACK consists of Al Conroy (Canada) and Jan Kees Helms (the Netherlands). The duo collaborate since the eighties by exchanging music recorded on tapes. Nowadays they compose music by exchanging sounds by internet. Darker Days is a trilogy of guitar drones and field-recordings made in two continents of the world and melted together in a melancholic atmosphere.

Darker Days at

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