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Various Artists– Complex Silence 30 [treetrunk 249]

For Complex Silence 30, Mister Vapor has created a new compilation mix of the previous eight CS releases.

Complex Silence 30 at

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cdrx- Le chant troublant des sirenes [treetrunk 248]

“This track called ‘Le chant troublant des sirènes’ meaning ‘The mermaid’s troubling song’ was created with several tracks coming from Eg0cide productions and more: The Ghost Between The Strings, Pura Sombar, Wavespan & T.G.B.T.S., Anton Mobin and others.”– cdrx, 2012

Le chant troublant des sirènes at

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EugeneKha- November (Tape Drone Set 001) [treetrunk 247]

“It Is Live-Set Which Is A Part Of New Series TAPE DRONE SERIES. It Is A Series Of The Live Records Which Have Been Carried Out On Cassette Tape.”– EugeneKha, 2012

November At

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Daniel Barbiero + Chris Videll– Aberration in Pitched Systems [treetrunk 246]

Aberration in Pitched Systems is a suite of four electroacoustic improvisations for double bass and electronics/sound generators. Constructed around pre-determined harmonic constants and variables, the pieces embody the shifting opposition and reconciliation of sister drones and modes. Recorded late summer 2012.

Aberration In Pitched Systems at

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