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Mystified- Music For Journeys [treetrunk 255]

These four tracks were slated for digital release by the well-known Thisco label, but appear here instead due to hosting issues.The theme for these songs is travel– each one could signify a journey of sorts, by car, train, or imagination.

Music For Journeys at

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Grove Of Whispers- The Radiant [treetrunk 254]

“Performed on Christmas evening December 25, 2012. Done live using midi controller, Linux and personal field recordings. Music fashioned using the buddhalizer –a virtual extension of my imagination.”– John Tocher, 2013

The Radiant at

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Gerald Fiebig- Piano Decay [treetrunk 253]

“While staying in the Berlin apartment of Jürgen Schlöh Lehmann and Michael Herbst in early December 2012, I played a series of isolated notes on the defunct piano I found in the living room and recorded them with what equipment was at hand. The four pieces on this release were constructed from these recordings. A live version was performed at Quiet Cue, Berlin, on December 8, 2012. Thanks are due to Michael Herbst, Jürgen Schlöh Lehmann; and Nicolas Wiese, who commissioned me to play at Quiet Cue and thus inspired the creation of the live version. The photograph (copyright Michael Herbst) shows a detail of the actual piano.”– Gerald Fiebig, 2013

Piano Decay at

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