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Christian Doil- Morsemusic [treetrunk 265]

The album is called “morse music” because every song contains its name in the form of morse code. . . The songs i’ve built entirely of sounds. as sources I have my camera, a mineral water bottle, books leaves, a radiator, the indicator of my car, buttons in a glass container, coins, peppercorns in a cake pan, a cookie sheet, key, a telephone, an egg slicer, radio noise, a scanner, a tape deck and the creaking of a door used. –Christian Doil, 2013

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Jack Hertz- Complex Silence 34 [treetrunk 264]

Jack Hertz returns to the Complex Silence Series with a deeply meditative and spacious soundscape. Complex Silence 34 is a study of a slow-moving life form that could be the mascot for everything that exemplifies ambient music. It occupies a patient space all its own in a deep universe without any consideration of time and Hertz captures this essence perfectly.

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Stefan Paulus- Salt Sea Island [treetrunk 263]

“‘SALT SEA ISLAND’- is a sound cartography collected through field recordings across the world. these records are done during what guy debord describes as ‘dérive’ or ‘psychogeography drifts’: the experimental exploration of the environment, the mindful or transient passage through urban or country areas. This method can also be used to map the inner space – to create different thematic maps of reality. For these records I dislocated myself, followed animal trails deep into german woods, crossed the alpine valley of ötztal, recorded on mountain peaks, atlantic and pacific islands and sea ports. I connected with unknown persons. I jumped into the next subway, the nearest bus and got somewhere out. the sounds are compiled with what william s. burroughs describes as ‘cut-up and fold-in’: a method for ‘altering reality’ – and that is what it´s all about, a journey into altering realities.”– Stefan Paulus, 2013

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Various Artists- Complex Silence 33 [treetrunk 262]

Complex Series 33 comes in the guise of a long-form mix created by Phillip Wilkerson, and it’s an interesting coincidence that it features various artists who all have participated in the 3 minutes and 33 seconds Project (curated by Le Berger). What you will hear in this mix are ambient drones ranging from gentle to cacophonous and discordant to harmonious with mysterious layers of stretched-out tones and beautiful washes of sound. Careful listening will also reveal gentle melodies, delicate abstract textures, and ever-so-subtle variations in sound carefully tucked in amongst the droning ambience.- LAJ – March 2013

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