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Scott Lawlor- Complex Silence 36 [treetrunk 272]

“Another rising star in the netlabel ambient world makes a debut with Complex Silence 36. While it is definitely true that Scott Lawlor is still searching for his musical voice, sometimes hearing a fresh voice serves as creative inspiration for us all.”– Phillip Wilkerson, 2013

Complex Silence 36 at

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Scott Lawlor- Constant 29 [treetrunk 271]

“I was listening the other day to a couple of the Constant pieces by Stephen Philips and though I had heard some others in the series by people like Digital Mass, Zieltogend and Phillip Wilkerson, I was intrigued by the simplicity of the pieces and thought I’d try writing one myself. It’s only been recently that I’ve been writing drone music so I started with a single note and then gradually added more until I had what I felt was a nice sounding chord, not exactly a minor or major chord but still something pleasant. I added some effects and used paulstretch to help create the feeling I was going for which was something simple that conveyed the purpose of the series, doing more with less.”– Scott Lawlor, 2013

Constant 29 at

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Miquel Parera and Alozeau- Five Structures And A Cold Void [treetrunk 270]

Here are six nice, cold pieces with lots of texture. Recommended!

Five Structures And A Cold Void at

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Achondar- Skull Of New One [treetrunk 268]

“We are Achondar, a (dark) ambient project formed in 2013 and we would like to present you our debut album, ‘Skull of New One’, that is a collection of magical, mystical, ritualistic ambient pieces inspired by the universe of The Tone Rebellion, its mythology and mystic places, but no knowledge of it is required in order to ‘understand’ or enjoy the album, it is a stand-alone piece for fans of dark fantasy music in general. Some pieces are dark and brooding, some more serene and peaceful, we aimed to create quite a diverse record with pretty unique atmosphere and we hope that we managed to achieve that goal.”– Achondar, 2013

Skull Of New One at

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