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Mystified- Fractal Techno [treetrunk 277]

Over 10 years ago, Thomas Park of mystified (then AutoCad), was featured in “Spin” Magazine for 2 fractal music stations he created on Live One of these stations used as a basic premise that techno music could be created using natural data and mathematical tables. In this release, Mystified revisits the mathematical premise, featuring 3 tracks made using math tables, where mathematical formulae dictate the progressions (with minimal tweaking).

Fractal Techno at

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Melophobia- The 13th Unfulfilled Hibernation [treetrunk 276]

All sounds conceived, recorded, manipulated & produced on the 13th of July 2013 near a small man-made lake in a village of Northern Greece, morning to midnight.

The 13th Unfulfilled Hibernation at

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Daniel Barbiero- Complex Silence 37 [treetrunk 275]

“Live improvisations for solo double bass and for prepared double bass were recorded and then manipulated to create slowly moving sonic environments which remain fundamentally rooted in the nature of the instrument. Allusions to Fogs & Liquids represents a type of music concerned with sound as something in itself, a material externality. But it can’t help but carry associations. Here the listener takes over from the composer/performer.” –Daniel Barbiero, 2013

Complex Silence 37 at

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Roy Mattson with Mystified- Pluto and Charon [treetrunk 274]

“These works were spurred by a drone created by Thomas Park. . . In its inception, Pluto and Charon were started in a playful, fun demeanor; almost a challenge with a friendly manner. They quickly turned into two different sounding projects. One a feeling of wonder and light, the other a feeling of mystery and confrontation with the afterlife.”– Roy Mattson, 2013

Pluto and Charon at

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