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Various Artists- Harmonica Drones Remixes [treetrunk 291]

Thomas Park of Mystified created several drone samples using the sound of his harmonica. He offered the samples up for remixing, and a small group of artists volunteered their time into doing so. Four remixes are represented here, in different styles. All are excellent.

Harmonica Drones Remixes at

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Scott Lawlor with Mystified- A Night On Pluto [treetrunk 290]

“When Mystified made his pluto120 drone available for people to use in their own compositions, I decided to create a long-form ambient piece using this drone as the basic element of the track. I added some winter night sounds I found on and clarinet improvisations which I created on the Ensoniq TS-12 synthesizer. I felt that the clarinet was an instrument that could express the mood I was going for, something very cold and remote, two elements which define what, at one time, was the smallest planet in our Solar System. I’d like to thank Thomas Park for the use of the drone and for making this available for download and hope you enjoy the music. Thanks for listening.”– Scott Lawlor, 2013

A Night On Pluto at

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Grove Of Whispers- Cathedrals And Churches [treetrunk 289]

Cathedrals and Churches was performed live on the afternoon of November 9, 2013. Done using midi controller, Linux and personal field recordings. Music fashioned using the buddhalizer –a virtual extension of my imagination. Completely improvised and unplanned, I had intended to test changes made to my gear. People seemed to like it, and I like it too. I hope you do as well.

Cathedrals And Churches at

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