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Unauthorized Rapoon Tribute Compilation

Treetrunk Records is now hosting a compilation– an “unauthorized” tribute to Rapoon.

Thomas, the label’s founder, has been profoundly influenced by the hypnotic loopiness of Rapoon, and would like to pay tribute to Robin Storey by inviting musicians to craft tracks in a “Rapoon”-ish style.

Music must be in wav, flac or aiff format. Soundcloud or wetransfer are accepted submission techniques. 3-10 minutes in length. Thomas will listen to the tracks and deem if they are worthy representations of/ celebrations of Rapoon’s music. Notify Thomas at mystifiedthomas (at) gmail (dot) com with band name and track title when ready.

Accepted submissions will be released on and promoted by Thomas’ netlabel, “Treetrunk Records”.

Submissions must use no unauthorized samples, and will be released with a creative commons license. No money shall exchange hands in this project.

Release deadline is January 15, 2015. Aaaand. . . go!

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