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“Loop Messiah” Compilation Shaping Up


The “Loop Messiah” tribute to Rapoon has closed to submissions. 25 excellent tracks have been accepted. The label is busy mastering the tracks and preparing them for release.

Be on the lookout!

Here are the accepted tracks:

Mawingu- Yaliyo
M.Nomized Michel- Bayaka
nobodisoundz- LO
Martyn Schmidt- Death Is Sweet, Life Is Sweet
Bunk Data- Distal Pulse
Christopher Alvarado- Ancient Landform
Plexus Instruments- The Border
Shane Morris- The Witching Hour
Mean Flow- Transient Escape
Airworld- The Malala Rapoon Mystery
Dali’s Aardvark- Spires In The Sky
Skincage- Solunar Invocation
Gregory Wildes- Drifts And Remains
Numina- The Gatherers Descend
Dr. NoiseM- Mechanized
Kecap Tuyul- Written On Smoke
Grove Of Whispers- Danza del Agua
Matthew Bambas- Oore Te
Etheocles Stephens- dormphace
Unune- Lorem Holoserica
saint de l’ abime- sinkinto
Black Egg- Sign And Sigil
Ajna- Fading Blue Tundra (reworked)

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