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Cdrx- Au Fil De L’eau [treetrunk 329]

At the beginning of 2009, I worked on an unachieved piece, half of a piece in a perspective of collaboration with Kekap Tuyul (Pura Sombar). At that time, I used to work in a museum and cultural centre where water was one of the main topics. Knowing my interest for music, I have been sponsored by the museum to create a piece for the exhibition.

Au Fil De L’eau at

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Cousin Silas- Quiet Afternoons [treetrunk 328]

Cousin Silas would like to thank Treetrunk Records for hosting this fine release. Special thanks to Oleg Tishkovets for the cover photograph.

Quiet Afternoons At

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Ajna- Elusive Spaces [treetrunk 327]

Very nice, tasteful isolationist ambient tracks by the excellent Ajna.

Elusive Spaces at

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