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Mister Vapor- Altercus Remastered [treetrunk 333]

This is a remaster and reissue of an original track by Mister Vapor that was released on Webbed Hand Records in 2010.

Altercus Remastered at

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Christian Doil- der klang der bücher [treetrunk 332]

Sink in books – to move as the protagonists through deep worlds and adventures. the rhythmic scroll the pages – slow, sublime, full of energy. The album consists of six chapters. As sound sources I have many different books, an interior jalousie, a child’s rattle, a baby phone and the signal noise of an oven used.

der klang der bucher at

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Eric Pietras- All This And More Than A Brother [treetrunk 331]

All This And More Than A Brother is a series of improvised lo-fi sonic explorations made entirely with vintage synthesizer equipment and found sounds from AM radio and micro-cassette recordings, compiled with home software on a simple Windows 95 PC soundcard. As such ‘All This…’ goes back to the basics: melody, polyphony, tonal color and mood dominate, with the minor imperfections from a single-take approach to recording retained as part of the organic personality of the work.

All This And More Than A Brother at

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