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cdrx- Moody Dancefloor [treetrunk 345]

Created in 2015 and mixed at the secret lab in Switzerland.
Before you start listening, Sit down and close your eyes.
The fresh air caress your face. You walk along the beach, the sky is cloudy, you listen to the surrounding sounds and you sit down. In the distance, the whispers of something you can not get to define. You lie and you listen.
Let your mind imagine the rest.

Moody Dancefloor at

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Luciftias- Astralnautics For Beginners [treetrunk 344]

Thomas asked Luciftias to remix his 6-hour piece, “Beyond The Velvet Sky”, a longform drone written using sferics (atmospheric discharges from the Earth). Luciftias responded with this hypnotic 9-hour opus.

Astralnautics For Beginners at

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