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Akusdix and Oda Klonk- Field Recordings by Akusdix and Oda Klonk [treetrunk 351]

The works by Akusdix and Oda Klonk you hear on this release are based on recordings made between August and October 2015 in the intercultural gardening project Grow Up! This garden, where citizens of the city of Augsburg from 14 different nations work together, is situated right next to the abraxas arts centre, where the installation version of this release was exhibited. The tracks presented here fall into the categories of field recording or phonography. Both of these terms refer to work with audio recordings of sounds from our natural and social environment. These recordings document the noise of construction machines and
cars, but by transplanting the outdoor sounds into the unusual indoor
environment of the abraxas foyer, they also open our ears to the beautiful
details we often fail to hear in everyday situations – for example when the
bells of the nearby church and the conversations of Turkish-speaking gardeners effortlessly blend into a wonderful sonic image of lived intercultural coexistence.

Field Recordings by Akusdix and Oda Klonk at

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