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Am Eise- Transurban Loop30 Version [treetrunk 352]

For loop30, Augsburg-based sound artist Am.Eise created an installation from sounds he recorded in the city centre of Augsburg in October 2015. They were mixed, with some parts processed digitally to highlight certain sonic characteristics. Some sounds could be from almost any city, but locals will recognise some unmistakable Augsburg sounds. Among the sound sources utilised in ‘Transurban’ are trams with their passengers, buses, street noises/cars, the underground car park at Leonhardsberg, street musicians, St Anne’s Church/Martin Luther museum, fish vendors at the city market, water, abandoned buildings, shouting kids in a schoolyard, a traffic signal for the blind at Koenigsplatz square. The only sound source not recorded in Augsburg is archival footage containing the voices of US soldiers. This element references the place of the exhibition, part of a former barracks complex used by the US Army (originally built by the Nazi army and taken over by US troops in 1945).

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