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Oda Klonk- Ein Haus Das Klingt [treetrunk 355]

For her piece ‚Ein Haus, das klingt’ (‚A sounding house’), sound artist Oda Klonk aka Tine Klink recorded the diverse everyday activities at the abraxas arts centre and composed them into a sound walk through the house from the basement to the attic. These are the sound sources/recording locations she used in the order in which they are heard in the piece:
1. Moussong Theater mit Figuren (puppet theatre performance for children)
2. The corridor of the Musikwerkstatt music school
3. Theater Fritz und Freunde (theatre performance for children)
4. Corridor between band rehearsal rooms in the basement
5. Refrigerator in the small foyer
6. Stairwell
7. Visual arts gallery (large hall)
8. Front door
9. Thumb piano played in the so-called ‚Ballet Room’ (actually a theatre foyer and gallery)
10. Artist Iris Eckhardt hanging up her paintings for an exhibition in the Ballet Room
11. Children’s voices in the small foyer and Ballet Room
12. Moussong Theater mit Figuren (puppet theatre performance for children)
13. Theater Fritz und Freunde (theatre performance for children)
14. (Basement) Door
15. In the theatre after the end of the show
16. Stairwell
17. Upstairs corridor in front of the management offices
19. Conversation with restorer Dagmar Bodirsky in her studio
20. Outside walk from the main building to the Musikwerkstatt music school in the north wing
21. Corridor in the Musikwerkstatt music school (with Buddy Brudzinski, Walter Bittner, and Robert Vogg teaching guitar, drums, and saxophone respectively)
22. Attic (chopsticks on chimney, thumb piano, metal chime, processed after recording), quiet sounds from the street outside

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