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Luciftias- Amorphous Architectural Abstraction [treetrunk 360]

‘This piece began as an improvised guitar drone that had been laying dormant on my hard drive for a few years. I often revisit such recordings, massaging and shaping them into something new. I like the way this one turned out because it works as an ambient piece, subtly blending in like wallpaper, while rewarding the active listener with a droning textural undercurrent. Enjoy!’– Luciftias, 2017

Amorphous Architectural Abstraction at

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Netlabel Interview Project

Keith Helt has interviewed Thomas Park regarding Treetrunk Records, for Mr. Helt’s “Netlabel Interview Project”:

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Now Unavailable

Why are some Treetrunk releases no longer available at Mystified has chosen to reduce his web presence, and has “Made Dark” several dozens of releases. If you are a fan, don’t worry. Plenty more is still available, and lots can be streamed at his YouTube station:

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