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Model 201- Series 2 [treetrunk 374]

In the Model 201 mode, only sounds ripped from old analog cassette tapes were used in these tracks.

Series 2 at

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Grid Resistor- Lambda [treetrunk 373]

This Grid Resistor release specifically uses sounds derived from the extra noises at the end of several decade-old audio cassettes. Only tape sounds were used as source material in Lambda.

Lambda at

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Thomas Park- Tape Sound Outtake Sounds [treetrunk 372]

These are sounds derived only from the noise found at the end of several 10-15 year old cassette tape recordings.

Tape Sound Outtakes at

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Seetyca- Dreamstate e.p. [treetrunk 371]

In this excellent e.p., Seetyca has taken sounds by Thomas Park and used various effects and techniques to create 5 lovely ambient pieces.

Dreamstate e.p. at

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Thomas Park- Spoken Word Samples [treetrunk 370]

Here are quite a few free spoken word samples, for your enjoyment or use in music or other media pieces.

Spoken Word Samples at

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