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A number of items were uploaded today to a sub-collection of Treetrunk Records. Called “Archival Selections”, Thomas wanted to feature some of the more interesting of his previous releases as mystified, Thomas Park and AutoCad in lossless audio. Currently added to “Archival Selections” are:

Aluminum Fly (mystified):
AutoCad Reclaimed Disc One (AutoCad):
AutoCad Reclaimed Disc Two (AutoCad):
Cereal For Dinner (mystified):
Coming Days (mystified):
D-Program (mystified):
Eldritch Steps (mystified):
Elemental Dub (mystified):
Fragment, Compress (mystified):
Haiku 01 (mystified):
Knowing Memphis (mystified):
Machines 2 (mystified):
Night Wheel (mystified):
Overtone Drones (mystified):
Skywatchers 2 (mystified):
Stellar Fugue (Thomas Park):
The U.F.O. Hoax (mystified):
Tropical Depression (mystified):
Urbscape (mystified):
Urgent Cells (mystified):

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