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Archival Selections 028 is a special release on containing high-definition videos of a number of full albums by Thomas Park’s various audio projects. These videos are now free to download from the release page:

Included videos are:

A Movement Of Air (Mister Vapor)
Altercus (Mister Vapor)
Altered Signals (Mystified)
Best Of Bone (Mystified)
Beyond The Black Vapor (Mister Vapor)
Cadaver City Quark (Mystified With Kenji Siratori)
Cardboard Hotel (Mystified)
Coming Days (Mystified)
Constant (Mystified)
Dark Lacunae (Mystified)
Deus Irae (Mystified)
Discourse In Dust And Steel (Mystified)
Dub Shift (Mystified)
Dubstep Odyseey (Mystified)
Dunkelreise (Mystified With Eisenlager)
Ear Tools (Mystified)
Early Mystified Drone Mix (Mystified)
Elemental Ragtime (Mystified)
Everywhere Drone (Mystified)
Felon (Mystified)
FM (Mystified With N.Strahl.N)
For PKD (Mystified)
Frigid Radiance (Mystified)
Ghostbone 2 (Mystified With TGBTS)
Ghostbone (Mystified With TGTBS)
Heartland Ruins (Mystified)
Instability (Mystified)
Intrigue (Mystified And Rafael Flores)
Kitchen Sink Industrial Mix (Mystified)
Lingering Shadows (Mystified)
Logarithm (AutoCad)
Love Is A Machine (Mystified With Scott Lawlor)
Masks And Wires (Mystified)
Mass Production (Mystified)
MonoDecay (Mystified)
Music For Transit (Mystified With Robin Storey)
Mystical Steam (Mystified)
Nocturne (Mystified)
Numinous Transmissions (Mystified With Daniel Barbiero)
Ottos Approach (Mystified)
Pirate (Mystified)
Plasma Cloud 2 (Mystified)
Plasma Cloud (Mystified)
Presence (Mystified)
Primal Mystified (Mystified)
Pulse Ringer Pieces (Mystified)
Rain 1 (Mister Vapor)
Rain 2 (Mister Vapor)
Reduced (Mystified)
Reduced Remixed In A Blender (Mystified With Various Artists)
Remembering The Engine (Mystified)
Scattered Mist (Mystified)
Science Fiction (Mystified)
Secret Ops (Mystified)
Secret Tapes (Mystified)
Sidewalk Salad (Mystified)
Siren Songs For Saint Louis (Mystified)
South City Spring (Mystified)
Sovereign (Mystified)
SubDialogue (Mystified)
Terminal E (Thomas Park)
The Long Arc (Mystified)
The Luminous Deep (Mystified)
The Noise Years (Mystified)
Transient 2 (Mystified)
Transient (Mystified)
Trash Everest (Mystified)
Tribute To A Forbidden Planet (Mystified)
Triptych (Mystified With LHT)
Vagabond (Mystified)
Warped Essence (Mister Vapor)
Where The Angels Fear To Tread (Mystified)

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