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Various Artists- Treetrunk 400 [treetrunk 400]

For Treetrunk’s 400th and final netrelease, Thomas Park offers a documentary, detailing the history of the netlabel. There are also 5 original prints, based on a Treetrunk Records logo, and some other supplemental materials. Thomas would like to sincerely thank all who have shared their music on Treetrunk, and the many hundreds of thousands who listened, as well– not to mention the fine people at, for all of their hosting efforts over the years. The plan is to keep the website up and active, and it is Thomas’ hope that listeners will continue to enjoy the many recordings in this classic netlabel.

Treetrunk 400 at

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Tree Helicopter And Thomas Park- Nitre [treetrunk 399]

Christopher McDill and Thomas Park have collaborated together frequently– especially on the netlabel Webbed Hand Records. Years after their last release, Chris has shared some dark ambient sounds with Thomas, who then used them and additional tape noise and engine sound outtakes to craft, “Nitre”.

Nitre At

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Thomas Park- AM Radio Samples [treetrunk 398]

Here are some recordings taken from AM Radio bands.

AM Radio Samples at

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Submissions Officially Closed

Treetrunk Records is now closed for submissions, perhaps indefinitely. Thank you. Thomas urges interested parties to visit the label home at and enjoy the many hundreds of releases there.

The website will remain up and active, thanks to those who generously donated to our Gofundme campaign.

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Torrey And Thomas Park- Torrey Reads Thomas [treetrunk 397]

Thomas Park’s wife was kind enough to provide a spirited reading of one of his original poems. The music in the background is by mystified. Special thanks to Torrey for her time and creative spirit.

Torrey Reads Thomas at

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The Future Of Treetrunk Records


Thanks to many generous contributors, creatively and financially, Treetrunk Records will be able to have its own domain and ad-free website until at least the end of next year, perhaps further. To me, this is significant.

In terms of submissions, the netlabel plans to close, after its 400th release, for an indefinite period. It is Thomas’ contention that the substantial discography of the netlabel should itself be explored, or revisited (if it already has been explored).

That┬ábeing said, Thomas plans to maintain Treetrunk’s website and general web presence, helping to ensure its legacy.

He also will be offering some nice features for the 400th release, including a high-definition downloadable version of the Treetrunk Records documentary and 5 original prints based on a logo design.

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Coming Soon– Treetrunk Records’ 400th Release

Coming Soon: Treetrunk Records’ 400th Release, with a free Documentary Video, 5 Original Prints, and more.


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Thomas Park- Many Engines [treetrunk 396]

Thomas Park recorded 2 high-fidelity engine sounds, and made 20 outtakes from these sounds. He used these outtakes as source material in the longform track, “Many Engines”. No additional sources were used. Special thanks to Todd Pruzan for supplying the photographic part of the cover image.

Many Engines at

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Thomas Park- Engine Sound Outtakes [treetrunk 395]

In 2017, Thomas Park recorded some very high-fidelity engine sounds. He then took the sounds and processed them further. Here are the 20 outtakes he created.

Engine Sound Outtakes at

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Uzbazur- Tape Cassette Remixes EP [treetrunk 394]

In this E.P., Uzbazur remixes sounds provided by Model 201, which were extracted and processed from old mystified cassettes. He adds his own sounds, as well, and his own original composing methods.

Tape Cassette Remixes EP at

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