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Treetrunk Records: A Base For Many Things

A short documentary describing “Treetrunk Records”, Thomas Park’s iconic netlabel– including general information, high points, and examples of works.

The Following Pieces Of Music Appear In The Documentary:

1. “Music For Infants” by Mystified
From “Music For Infants”, 2005
2. “The Quiet Basement” by Mystified
From “South City Spring”, 2006
3. “Constant 10” by C.P. McDill
From “Constant 9 and Constant 10”, 2008
4. “106th Street Bridge” by Joshua Manchester
From “This Is Not A Test”, 2008
5. “Bunny’s Bolero” by Gas Tank Orchestra
From “Homeshed”, 2010
6. “Complex Silence 29” by Philip Wilkerson
From “Complex Silence 29”, 2012
7. “Prism” by Forrest Fang
From “Seeds Of Memory”, 2012
8. “Ancient Landform” by Christopher Alvarado
From “Loop Messiah”, 2015
9. “Dream Journey” by Mystified
From “Still Dreaming”, 2017
10. “Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep” by Robin Storey with Mystified
From “Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep”, 2017

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