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Thomas Park- Vintage Lo-Fi Samples [treetrunk 393]

Here are some samples I concocted many years ago. Most are fairly lo-fi and were made using various forms of digital processing.

Vintage Lo-Fi Samples at

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Thomas Park- Generative MIDI [treetrunk 392]

This release contains a number of MIDI files authored by Thomas Park. These files were generated fractally. Many were further composed using a program called “Anvil Studio”. Of note especially are the “OS” pieces, as they came to comprise “Our Skies Radio”. Our Skies Radio was a featured radio station at and was referenced in an article in Spin Magazine (November 2000). The pieces on the station were created using variable star data as seeds– this data having been collected from the website of the AAVSO Observatory. Some of the other MIDI files were assembled to create longer form pieces, such as the essential Treetrunk work, “Music For Infants” (2005 Treetrunk Records).

Generative MIDI at

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Looking Back– Some Holiday Audio

For lovers of dark audio, here is an alternative Christmas mix I made back in 2011:

2011 would not be complete without an alternative Christmas mix from Treetrunk. So here, without further ado, is a half-an-hour of dark atmospherics and twisted toy-like dreams. Enjoy!

Various Artists– Free Christmas 2011 Mix [treetrunk 194] at

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Thomas Park- Thomas Park: Saint Louis Urban Phonography [treetrunk 391]

In the years between 2000 and 2012, Thomas Park lived in a low-rent apartment in the South Side of Saint Louis. There he made a number of recordings. Many of these recordings were used, in raw or processed fashion, in pieces of music (largely as his project, “mystified”). Thomas wanted to share the phonographic recordings he had saved on an external drive– particularly those that were not changed through the use of digital effects.

Thomas Park: Saint Louis Urban Phonography at

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Martin Rach- Min Hytte [treetrunk 390]

“These are improvisations with korg volca fm, recorded during my trips in Norway. Other information about my projects etc. can be found on .”– Martin Rach, 2017

Min Hytte at

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Help Preserve Treetrunk Records

Treetrunk Records is a netlabel that I started in 2005. After 12 years, it has over 750,000 views at The netlabel’s discography is approaching 400 releases.

Treetrunk has been a home to a variety of experimental musics, and has had a great deal of success on the netlabel scene.

Fractal music, drone, ambient, phonographic and other types of music have appeared on the netlabel, as well as prominent musicians such as Robin Storey and Forrest Fang.

And we have always given our material away for free.

As Treetrunk continues forward, Thomas would like to accomplish several things.

One is, he would like to make the Treetrunk Records blog ad-free, for at least 1-2 years, hopefully longer.

The purpose of this Gofundme effort is to provide some funds for Treetrunk Records to solidify its legacy.

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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt- The Ghetto Genius Trilogy [treetrunk 389]

According to the author the meaning and inspiration of the whole album can be summarized with a quote taken from the Urban Dictionary: “…..Ghetto Genius: An Individual possessing the brain power equal to that of a genius, born and raised in poverty. Des the Ghetto-genius: though he possesses the brain power of a genuis, with an IQ of 147, he’s stuck to have intellegent conversations only with himself due to his surroundings and the creatures that dwell there. Feelings of knowing with no closure, a wasted mind. Although above gifted and intellegent, he will most likely never be flooded with degrees or certificates of praise. This does not mean there is no hope for the ghetto-genius, success will come, IT WILL JUST BE HARDER. For there is no platform to work from, the platform must first be built from the ground up….”

The Ghetto Genius Part 3 at

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Thomas Park- Documentary Audio [treetrunk 388]

Thomas wanted to offer the audio from a series of documentaries he created in 2017. The purpose of the documentaries was to revisit his various audio projects, discussing their development, including high points and examples. Thomas welcomes DJs, podcasters and other broadcasters to share this audio in their programs. Listeners are also welcome to enjoy them, of course.

Thomas Park: Documentary Audio at

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Fastus- River Of Forgetfulness [treetrunk 387]

Composer Ian O’Brien first became acquainted with electronic music during his undergraduate years at Columbia University (class of ’87), home to the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Having performed in various band in the lively downtown NY scene as keyboardist & percussionist, O’Brien, operating under the name ‘Fastus’, now produces solo modular synth works. The music of Fastus has been heard on various broadcast radio stations, most recently on the Patchworks Radio show in Chicago (WNUR 89.3 FM)

River Of Forgetfulness At

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Thomas Park- Thomas Park: The Documentaries Part 2 [treetrunk 386]

As Thomas Park looks back on his various projects, he faces the task of how to explain them– how to summarize the main points, list the main achievements.In these mini-docs, Thomas uses his own voice and various examples to detail the development of particular aspects of his 15-year musical career as mystified and other monikers.

Thomas Park: The Documentaries Part 2 at

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