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Blue Scarabs From A Darkened Vault (Various Artists)

This is a mix by Thomas Park of tracks by various artists. All of the music was released on the Treetrunk Records netlabel.

2017 Self Released

(Some Of These Clips Are Edits Of Longer Tracks)

“Blue Scarab”– Akashic Crows’ Nest
From “Fractal Diner 3”, 2005

“Autumn Stars, Slightly Brighter”– K.M. Krebs
From “Fog Sequences”, 2006

“Inconstant”– C. Reider
From “Inconstant”, 2008

“Cathedral”– Caleb Deupree
From “Cathedral”, 2008

“First Moment- Dark, Still Waters”– Palancar
From “Three Moments”, 2009

“Fatal Songs Moving”– Fosel
From “The Foiled Again Remixes”, 2010

“Onboard The Nowhere Train”– Digital Mass
From “Onboard The Nowhere Train”, 2010

“Ylem”– Mysterybear
From “Complex Silence 12”, 2011

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