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Turn It To Eleven (Various Artists)

Thomas Park created an hour-long mix of tracks created by Treetrunk Records artists. Incidentally, all of these pieces were released in the year 2011.

2017 Self Released

(Some Of These Clips Are Edits Of Longer Tracks)

“3”- Pavonine
From “Night Falls with Silver in its Mouth”, 2011

“Seagram Mural 2”- Fabio Keiner
From “Seagram Studies”, 2011

“The Bounty”- WZRDS
From “1”, 2011

“Swamp Magnetics”- Drone Wallah
From “Swamp Magnetics”, 2011

“Seelenandschaft”- Alister Flint
From “Experimentalist”, 2011

“Stasis 2”- Tuonela
From “Angels Of Chrome”, 2011

“1”- Ayato With Mystified
From “Broadcast For The Sultan #1”, 2011

“ZZDronia”- Mystified With Drone Wallah
From “ZZDronia”, 2011

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