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Thomas Park- Loopworks 1 [treetrunk 401]

In 2017, Thomas Park, known as mystified, Mister Vapor, Grid Resistor, Model 201 and AutoCad, retired from creating pre-recorded music. Over the next two years, Thomas focused on archiving his projects– then on creating live looping performances and alternative forms of composition such as using generative environments. As Treetrunk Records began as a netlabel to showcase fractal music in 2005, Thomas felt it was fitting that the netlabel re-open its doors in 2019, to bring an audience to music that is generatively composed. “Loopworks 1” was composed in such an environment. Thomas used his python code, “The Reanimator”, to randomly combine several series of loops. He used his “Archimedes Video Mixer” to mix random clips of .mp4s, in order to assemble the video for the piece.

Thomas hopes you enjoy “Loopworks 1”, as well as other works hopefully to follow.

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