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Thomas Park- Peak Audio [treetrunk 408]

In late May of 2019, Thomas Park took his Generative Radio streams further technologically, adding lots of new elements, such as vocoder samples, Morse Code, and streams of spoken word and other sounds automatically collected from The Internet Archive. The results were rich, captivating, often unexpected. Here are some examples of that audio.

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Thomas Park- GSR 5292019 [treetrunk 407]

These tracks were recorded in real time from Generative Soundscape Radio, during a “Synthetic Pleasures” set. The video was created usingĀ  Python code by Thomas Park called “The Archimedes Video Mixer”.

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Thomas Park- Loopworks 3 [treetrunk 406]

This is a mix of tracks created using the “Sequence Generator”, a piece of python code created by Thomas Park in 2019. The video was also created using Python, with the code, “The Archimedes Video Mixer”, also by Thomas.

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